Coolkeg - the selfchilling keg

Independently from water, ice, energy or CO2, CoolKeg chills beverages down to a tapping temperature of 4-6 °C within 30-60 min.

Cool-System KEG GmbH sells the empty and regenerated CoolKegs to breweries and wineries worldwide.

Please see all CoolKeg videos on or (key word CoolKeg)


CoolChurn - the selfchilling churn

Independently from water, ice and energy ,CoolChurn chills milk down to 4-6 °C within 3-4 hours and keeps it cold for 12 hours.

CoolChurn is a B-2-B project. CoolChurn enables the installation of a cooling chain form the cow of a small farmer to a dairy company.

Party beer tappers

All prices and further product detail on the high-quality beer tappers by Cool-System are available at

The beer tappers offered by Cool-System KEG GmbH, are designed for MicroMatic spring valves, which are built in almost all designs of classic party kegs.


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