Zeolite Cooling Technology

(Zeolith/Water-Vacuum Adsorption Technology)

The essence of the cooling technique is the Zeolite/Water-Vacuum Adsorption Technology. Zeolite is a non-toxic mineral that exists in nature. In dry conditions it adsorbs large quantities of water. Under vacuum the process makes it possible to produce ice.

How it works in the CoolKeg

Under vacuum a reservoir of water is connected with the Zeolite over a vapour line. When somebody opens the vapour line through opening the valve by turning the lever 180 ° on top of the CoolKeg, the vapour flows from the surface of the water reservoir to the Zeolite where it will be adsorbed. The emerging vapour reacts to the Zeolite; the Zeolite gets warm and the water reservoir cools down till it freezes. This can be likened to the sudden chill people experience coming out of the sea or a pool during a cold breeze. On the other hand, the Zeolite heats up through the kinetic energy taken up with the water molecules.

Functional diagram of the Zeolite/water-vacuum adsorption


Environmentally friendly regeneration of the cooling technology

The empty CoolKegs comes back to the brewery as a returnable keg. There, the keg can be set back to its original condition that means regenerated, refilled and newly labelled to make it ready for the next sales turn.

The process is strictly physical; there is no change of substance as in chemical processes at all. All substances enclosed in the keg are absolutely environmentally friendly and non-toxic. There is no danger of poisoning or exploding.

In a continuous or batch regeneration-process the surface of the kegs is heated up to 390 °C to reverse the physical process, that means to evoke the Zeolite to repulse the enclosed water. During the regeneration process the valve is closed. The closed valve opens in response to the pressure of the steam, and condensation occurs on the cool beer bellow.

For this regeneration process we developed different regeneration equipment, electrically or gas-driven:

Heating Collar          

Heating Chamber

Continuous CoolKeg Charger



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