CoolChurn - the selfchilling churn

Independently from water, ice and energy ,CoolChurn chills milk down to 4-6 °C within 3-4 hours and keeps it cold for 12 hours.

The reconditioning of the CoolChurns occurs exclusively by adding heat. The circumferential surface is shortly heated up to 350 °C in order to evaporate the water bound to the zeolite, and to condensate it in the evaporation chamber on the cold milk container.

CoolChurn advantages:

  • Cooling system without ice, energy or water supply
  • Cooling of the milk to 4-6 °C within 3-4 hours
  • Cooling "žat the push of a button": the farmer starts the cooling of the milk if required
  • CoolChurn content: 15,0l
  • The temperature will be kept for at least 12 hours. Physical cooling with zeolite-water-adsorption --> no danger for the user (farmer)
  • Environmentally friendly; returnable milk churn







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